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2019 CTC Scholarship Opportunity
Applications close 5pm 20th December
"Are you the one I’m looking for?"
CTC, the 2hr life transforming Combined Therapy Cocktail fondly known as Cut The Crap has been my baby for many years. The success of this amazing internationally recognised process has changed the lives of thousands all over the world whether in person, via phone or skype. It is also now a recognised, approved, registered, and insurable modality through the International Institute of Complementary Therapists in 28 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America

Incredibly gifted CTC Master Therapists are now being trained and here is an opportunity for 1 lucky person to be awarded a $12,645 scholarship, for our 2019 training in Sydney, Australia. The successful applicant also receives a 
Total value of $12,645
This is your opportunity to transform your life and the lives of others...
Training Dates are:
2nd & 3rd March - Reiki I
Early April - Online component begins
18th & 19th May - Reiki II
22nd May - 1st June - 11 day intensive in-house training.
"Why am I doing this?"
Ultimately I live my life to help people transform and live their highest potential. This is my passion and my purpose. It’s not just what I do but who I am. I’m motivated by the constant miracles I witness knowing that the ripple effect of these transformations is enormous and has the potential to change our world.

I have been blessed to not only witness the transformation of clients but also that of students who have completed the training. Students, who have had their transformation, truly stepped into their power and created incredibly successful businesses facilitating the CTC. Now loving, who they are, what they do and changing the lives of many with a process that so humbly started with my belief in miracles and desire to push the boundaries of existing modalities many years ago.

Sharing and offering this scholarship is my contribution to accelerating change through the power of CTC.

Under my care and instruction you will be highly trained in Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and the Full CTC Certification Program. 

You will receive all you need to transform your life and the lives of others.
To receive your CTC Scholarship application form send an email to with the subject box SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

We will do our best to send you details and the application within 24 hours. Please also check your spam folder and notify us if you haven't received it. 

Your application consists of a written and video component. Both must be submitted no later than 5 pm on 20th December in order for your application to be deemed complete.

Your personal information and video will not be shared and only viewed by the deciding panel. Your privacy is a priority. The winning applicant's name will only be made public with their permission.

Fine print:

Training to be held in Sydney & Cooma NSW, Australia.

Travel and Accommodation is at the expense of the winning applicant.

Scholarship is not transferable for cash

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