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Coby Stokman
Name: Coby Stokman

Member Type: Certified Member

Location: In person in Canberra and globally via Skype

Available for:  CTC – Combined Therapy Cocktail ™
                         Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki bundle session
                         Transformational Coaching
                         Passionate Motivational Speaker

About me:
Are you feeling lost, overwhelmed and stuck?
Do you want to feel like that fun happy you again?
Are you ready to be free of anything that’s holding you back and transform your life?
Hi, I’m Coby. I’m a wife, Mum, Dad joke teller, swag camping lover & Espresso Martini drinker…I am a CTC Master Therapist, Transformational Coach, Passionate motivational speaker and Co-Founder of The Real Mum Life. I use a variety of modalities including, but not limited to; Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, Hypnosis and Coaching to help you transform your life
My Purpose is simple – To Impact the lives of mum’s everyday by equipping them with simple tools to set them free from their past, their story and everything that’s ever held them back, so they can step into their truth and live their most amazing, purposeful life.
What if I told you that everything is actually incredibly simple, that us as humans we over complicate things.
I have the tools to set you free from your past, your story and everything that’s ever held you back and I can show you how simple life can be if you surrender and lean in.
Imagine being able to really step into your truth, know who you are and BE unapologetically you every day?
If you know that where you are and how you feel is NOT how you want things to stay…schedule a FREE connection call with me today.

Contact details:
As co-founder of The Real Mum Life, I also host The Real Mum Life Podcast where we share weekly tools to help Mum’s find that fun, happy them again.


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