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Danielle Mansfield
Name: Danielle Mansfield

Member Type: Certified Member

Location: I am available in person in Melbourne or via online Skype or Zoom.
Available for: CTC, EFT, Reiki, Hypnosis, consultation and transformational coaching.

Available for:  CTC sessions
                         Consultation and Transformational Coaching

About me: Hi, I am Danielle Mansfield, founder of The Heart Collective and CTC Master Therapist. I have a background as a clinical consultant specialising in relational trauma, relationships, child and family psychology and psychotherapy. I have worked with people in all stages of their lives and have a breadth of knowledge and a passion for helping others transform their lives in to live dreams. My aim is to connect you in a meaningful way to your self so that you can overcome whatever challenges you face and gain the confidence and direction to transform yourself. I have an interest in how connection to self and others promotes healing and will share with you what I have learnt to facilitate meaningful and lasting change for the positive. Each session is individually tailored for your needs and can include one or a combination of the following, psychology, Reiki, CTC (combined Therapy Cocktail), NLP, EFT, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy . I am also available for consultation, presentation and group talks and for a limited number of people, transformational coaching. 

M: 0452 199 542

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