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Lisa Saliba
Name: Lisa Saliba

Member Type: Certified Member 

Location: Dural, Sydney, Australia.

Available for:    CTC Session- Combined Therapy Cocktail
                           Reiki Session
                           Relaxation Massage

About me: I’m currently a CTC Therapist & Relaxation Massage Therapist. Previously I was working in the disability field as a carer, and also in the childcare industry as an educator. Both were very 
rewarding and challenging. Joanne Antoun has helped me plant my most recent seed in the ground. But like many others in life, before we plant the seeds of new beginnings, we need to pull the weeds out that stops the good and the new from flourishing. 

To be a part of helping people CUT THE CRAP out of their lives and watching them bloom is a privilage. 

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