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 Matthew Barrie
Name: Matthew Barrie

Member Type: Certified Member

Location: In person sessions available in Napier, New Zealand & Globally via Skype.

Available for:  CTC Sessions
                         Access Bars Sessions & Classes
                         Post-CTC Coaching

About me: As New Zealand’s first certified CTC Master Therapist it is my pleasure to be working to transform people’s lives for the better. I have been working as a healer and coach for a few years now in various capacities, and am passionate about raising the collective consciousness so we can create the shifts our society so desperately needs. To that end, I am especially interested in working with children, and have done so now for several years in OSCAR programs and as a Student Teacher.
My life’s journey has been one of many experiences for one of my age. I have made a habit of attracting to myself both people who challenge me and those who I have been able to help. Through my transformative work with CTC, Access Consciousness and the wider fields of energy work and mindfulness as a whole, I have grown through many issues I once had which caused life to appear dark and difficult and have now overcome a lifetime of chronic illness and stepped into a new space, empowered to share the light I now experience with others.
Life as I see it now is truly a gift and a joy, and I find no greater pleasure than sharing that with others. So if you’re at all stuck, if you know that where you are isn’t where you want to be… then I’m here to show you, there is another way.  

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