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Sally Jacob
Name: Sally Jacob

Member Type: Certified Member 

Location: Available Globally via skype or FaceTime

Available for:   CTC Combined Therapy Cocktail
                          CTC & Virtual Gastric Sleeve Program 

About me: CTC Master Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Spirit of Light Energy Healer and Registered Nurse. Healing through the journey of sound and love. I have never known another way to be in life, except to be of service to others. Embracing all that I could as a Registered Nurse in the mainstream health industry, whilst following my heart my ever evolving education in holistic and natural therapies. With an extraordinary range of life experiences and a heart as big as the ocean, Rain Song Healing is my heart song. Honouring integrity, a high ethical standard and services offered with the intention of the highest good for all. Listen to Your Heart and follow your Dreams.

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International Institute of Combined Therapy Cocktail

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