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 Tania Ham
Name: Tania Ham

Member Type: Certified Member

Location: Hawkesbury, Nepean Regions, Sydney Australia

Available for:  CTC- Combined Therapy Cocktail (Cut the Crap)
             Transformational Coaching
             Life Purpose Readings
             Timeline Therapy
             Psychic Development

About me: Your Transformational Specialist
            Tania Ham is a CTC Master Therapist, Transformational Coach, Reiki Master, Teacher and Intuitive Life Purpose Reader with 20 years experience. 

           If you are living a life where you feel stuck in struggle of any form. Whether its Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual. Regardless of age, I am your answer.

           Let me help you to overcome everything that is holding you back. To live a life Bigger than you ever Imagined. A life that is True and Authentic to your Purpose and your Soul.

                Phone 0409250172

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